First combined EcOp/MEDP Commercial Cleaning/Janitoral Certication Training

First combined EcOp/MEDP Commercial Cleaning/Janitoral Certication Training

On March 20, 2015, Economic Opportunities completed its first combined commercial cleaning/janitorial Certification training for seven students.  This included four individuals who are ex-offenders that previously completed the eight (08) week Life Transformation Pathway program and three student from Messick Adult Educational Center—non criminal backgrounds in a combined class.  All individuals now had to participate in a 20 hour unpaid internship with a Commercial Cleaning establishment and employment immediately after the completion of their internship.  We are so grateful for our commercial cleaning partners.

If you have a commercial cleaning company, and are interested in developing a partnership with EcOp, please contact us, and we will place on the list to receive qualified candidates interested in pursuing a commercial cleaning career, or for some, an opportunity to obtain some added income.

The photographs of these individuals are listed on our face book section.  As a reminder, for those individuals with felony, criminal backgrounds, please contact our office regarding the next available class:  (901) 529-7294.  I would encourage those individuals who are unemployed due to barriers pertaining to ‘background issues’, please consider our program as a successful alternative in your life.

The next class begins on:  April 27, 2015.


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