Partnering for Success

In 1991, the proposition of hiring an ex-offender provided little incentive for a potential employer. However, as the demand continues to grow in an ever dwindling pool of qualified applicants, the idea of hiring ex-offenders has created a new landscape of interest among employers. Notwithstanding what employers who are hiring ex-offenders, but the barometer of interest in the entire scope of Re-Entry, is now becoming an overall community interest. Re-entry now---in many areas of the community---makes “perfect sense”, hiring ex-offenders offers the following appeal:
  • They become tax payers.
  • They reduce the rate of recidivism.
  • They provide for the welfare for their families.
  • They ease the burden of increase taxes for both business and homeowner.
  • They slow the political discussion regarding building more prison facilities and staff.

For these reasons above and more, there are genuine benefits for community partnership in fostering greater awareness that re-entry, spiritual growth and development and employment can empower an ex-offender in becoming restored in his home or circumstance; and, the entire community benefits from this proposition. Community partnerships are essential in the viability of EcOp’s spiritual program, because it aligns other individuals to obtain the same social vision for change in our society. Moreover, community participation can galvanize greater interest among employers who had previous been reluctant to hire an ex-offender.

Community partnership can come in three forms, please consider which one would be appropriate for your interest:

  • Supporter: You can provide volunteer services, equipment, general supplies, or other support that would assist our program objective.
  • Donations: You can provide financial support for pragmatic services to facilitate EcOp’s spiritual mission for our participants.
  • Employer: You can become a member of our list of representative employer by hiring an EcOp graduate.
    Please contact us and become one of our community partners by making a difference in someone’s lives.

REMEMBER! We all can be proud as being resourceful members in an ever growing list of those doing the LORD’s will in helping others who are less fortunate.
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